What are our unique selling points

RedVAS has many unique selling points that help business.

We manage your : Clients

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): the uniqueness of our CRM software is that it is one integrated system that all works together. There is no need to have additional systems. We are also able to work with you to customise your office to meet your specific Company needs, saving you vast amounts of time and money.
    • Currently we have RedVAS portals for:
      • Supported Housing Projects
      • Care Leavers Services
      • Training Companies
      • Small, Medium or Large Size Business.
  • Human Resource (HR) Package: Your RedVAS is inclusive of our full HR package which contains your employee file. All information is accessible from multiple internet connected mobile devices inclusive of time-sheet authorisation, sickness absence monitoring and recording, mileage recording, holiday requests / authorisation and monitoring, training requests and authorisation, staff performance management, employee file.
  • Document Management: Our document management system is an eco friendly virtual paperless office as you are able to store, retrieve, download, email and print your documentation 365 days of the year 24/7.
  • Book Keeping: You can simply send your receipts to us then log-in to see them all recorded on your RedVAS Xero book keeping accounts. You can also send out branded invoices anytime, anyplace and from anywhere where there is an internet connection.
  • Credit Control: We manage your credit control so you are aware of who has paid and what payments remain outstanding.

Our services enable business to do what they are best at whilst we virtually take care of your business administration and business support needs. You can flexibly use as much of our services to meet your requirements as outlined in our price plans and packages.

RedVAS - Saving Business Time and Money - Accessible 365 days 24/7 Worldwide.