RedVAS takes the security of our customers data, exceptionally seriously.  That's why we have partnered with Armor to have purpose built security to protect our customers and their clients data / information.  

We use Armor as it unburdens our customers from the risks and danges of data protection challenges by sharing both risk and responsibility. Armor provides purpose-built protection for our customers and their data, Armor makes it easy for us to protect your data.

We use Armor because it is a secure cloud company with world-class security operations centres led by many years of military and IT security expertise,  that will actively defend your data workloads, assets and applications, leveraging distinct security controls.




There's a misconception that security and compliance are the same. Understanding this distinction that security must lead compliance is critical to protecting your data.


  • The sum total of processes and features safeguarding data contained in RedVAS. Effective security requires threat identification through proactive risk assessment and threat intelligence as well as active monitoring and analysis of our network environment's why we partnered with Armor.


  • Dictated by various governmental and private organisations, these standards represent a minimum bar to provide security  for the specified data type and is measured as a point-in- time snapshot of our security program not its efficiency in preventing breaches.

RedVAS  Has Good Security Balance

Despite their differences, both are essential for processing, hosting and managing sensitive and regulated data. It's essential to find a balance between security and compliance.

How we Operationalise Security and Compliance:

  • RedVAS makes security and compliance part of our regular business-as-usual operations.
  • We ensure risk management is included in all phases of our operations, risk assessment should be an ongoing process, not a once-a-year exercise.
  • We regularly review and audit our internal controls and processes.

Benefits of Partnership with Armor:

Armor helps us achieve high quality data protection through deploying cloud security solutions, purpose-built to provide the highest levels of security and control for data contained in RedVAS, ensuring we adhere to even the most demanding compliance standards.

We are  Totally Secure  in the cloud by adhering to the highest levels of data security as determined by the sensitivity of our customers data. Simply put: All data in RedVAS in secure, and meets all legislative compliance.



RedVAS's partnership with Armor, allows us to help secure your brand from the devastating impact of a data breach using industry leading SLA's guarantee an effective response. Armor's only mission is the security of all data contained in RedVAS. Armor's 24/7/365 Security Operations Center delivers active protection, detection and response.    Armor protects RedVAS customers, thus secures our IT investment, today and into the future.  

Our partnership with Armor enables our customers to benefit from:

    • With visibility to inbound and outbound activity at the host, RedVAS Armor inspects anomalous traffic against predefined policies protecting customers from generic SQL injections, generic XSS attacks, DoS and generic web app effects.
    • RedVAS Armor captures RedVAS log events to proactively identify issues and enhance activity correlation. Our RedVAS Developers are able to search and view our logs for the past 90 days through our Armor Management Portal. All RedVAS logs are retained by Armor for 13 months to satisfy compliance requirements.
    • RedVAS Armor protects our environment from malware and viruses deployed to infect your data, monitor activity or leverage our servers for illicit activity. Using an enterprise-class malware protection application, Armor security team regularly reviews scan results, remediates issues and utilises activity logs from scans to provide security event correlation.
    • Consistent patching is a cornerstone of maintaining a strong security posture. Armor regularly scans RedVAS, identifies necessary patches, and provides a list of available patches so we can stay ahead of the threat. Easily see which instances need to be patched and whether a reboot is required via the Armor Management Portal (AMP).
    • RedVAS Armor, scans our environment for points of risk to help minimise the surface area of a potential attack. Armor runs internal scans weekly and receives their reports through the Armor Management Portal. Armor will run external scans upon our Developer's requests. Results for both internal and external scans will provide information on applicable vulnerabilities as well as any recommended remediation.
    • Armor monitors critical RedVAS files for changes that may indicate threat actor activity in our company data. With constant changes and updates to our operating system, it can be easy to miss changes to files. By zeroing in on the changes that shouldn't be occurring in RedVAS files, Armor makes it difficult for hackers to hide in your RedVAS.
    • Armor security solution protects virtual machine instances hosted on public, private or hybrid cloud environments. Installed at the OS level, Armor is powered by Intelligent Security Model and fully managed by highly experienced security operations team (SOC) providing real-time visibility into RedVAS security programs and actionable threat intelligence.

We have purchased managed cloud security solutions that's purpose-built to protect RedVAS customers and their data.

Armor provides RedVAS customers with high level cyber security professional services to protect our customers data workloads and RedVAS applications.   That's why we partnered with Amor Services  for managed security to compliance and detailed visibility in the cloud to ensure our customers have: