Backup and disaster recovery represent two of the most frequent uses for cloud storage today, in large part due to the operational agility and appealing cost structure that a secure offsite data repository provides.  

But protecting organisational data in the cloud is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Organisations assessing how to leverage cloud-powered data protection and cloud-enhanced availability should know not only that is cloud not a “tape killer,” but also that three distinct types of  cloud-based data protection services  are prevalent today and each has its own strengths.

What is the licence fee for

  • The licence fee contributes to ongoing updating of RedVAS templates.
  • The cost of  Armor Data Security Services.  
  • The cost of maintaining the Data Server and Security of the Data Server by  Armor.  
  • We take security of our customers data exceptionally seriously thus no expense is minimised and no risk taken with our customers data nor their clients data.  
  • The costs also contributes to the back-up costs as all data stored in RedVAS is backed up 4 times a day to minimise the prospect of any data loss.